Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New CF UG in Ohio!

I was utlra stoked to see Lance tweet about his latest blog entry detailing the launch of the Miami Valley CF Usergroup. Congrats to Aaron and Lance for this accomplishment. The Greater Dayton area has some extraordinary talent and will be well served to have a proper usegroup up there. Being a Dayton native I am glad to see that market continue to grow and prosper, hell may someday I will get to move back up into that market. Until that happens I need to get off my ass and follow suite and get the Cincinnati UG up and running, Kroger has one but I've never committed to doing an external one. Congrats again gentlemen, you know I am always happy to come up and present and I will certainly make an effort to attend as much as possible, O'neil's office isn't too terribly far away from me.

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