Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OpenBD and CF Conferences

Below is our, OpenBD Steering Committee's, official stance on the matter that was brought up here

We feel it is more important for folks to know why they won't be seeing any OpenBD sessions at any CF conferences. While those involved with OpenBD are willing and happy to share some of the cool stuff we have done on OpenBD with the community at a conference, we'd hate to do that to the detriment of the conference by endangering a major sponsorship opportunity.

OpenBD has two distinctly different development branches. We have our standard JEE development branch which has had tremendous contributions from the community, and we have the GAE branch which has received great accolades from both inside and outside the CFML community. New Atlanta employees have been very active in the development on the GAE branch of OpenBD, and these contributions go beyond OpenBD. They've been the focus of many developers outside the CFML community and helps show CFML in a positive light to developers outside the CFML community.

As an example, Vince is creating a VFS for GAE that is a completely independent open source project (http://code.google.com/p/gaevfs/). This benefits not only OpenBD on GAE, but everyone deploying Java applications to GAE. It's a great contribution and by extension can only help reflect positively on CFML as a whole.

Remember too that it's not at all unusual for open source projects to have significant resource contributions from commercial companies. In fact, most well-known open source projects operate this way. A large contribution to Eclipse comes from IBM associates, but Eclipse is certainly not an IBM product even though it's used extensively by IBM. An important distinction is that Eclipse's license allows for commercial use, one reason why IBM is interested in Eclipse. OpenBD's license (GPLv3) does not allow for commercial redistribution and that helps ensure companies like New Atlanta or Adobe can not take and sell OpenBD or its derivatives. We do this for the protection of the community to guarantee they will always have a free fully open sourced engine for CFML development.
Edit: The title has changed since the original post, to be less confrontational and I've modified the introduction as well to try not to be confrontational. The last thing we've intended to do was be negative or against any group or individual. And inresponse to a couple private messages and one public the reason this is on my blog and not OpenBD's blog is 2 fold: I typically am the communication liason with the CF community, in tandom with Matt and sometimes Niati, and OpenBD servers more than just the CF community and we did not want to pollute that space with politics like this. We try to avoid this stuff and would have been happy to not talk about it but it was brought up so we responded.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FuseNG Update

A few months back I tweeted that anyone can build a framework in CF; what we need is more good software out there. Given the choice between maintaining a framework and listening to the nagging whining community or developing an open source application and listening to nagging and whining community I'll take the application. My heart is just not in FuseNG, or any other framework, and I can't hold onto the framework to make people happy or ensure it has a support person. That's just not what I want to do.

For those that thought it would never get off the ground congratulation you were right! To those that had new hope for the future of Fusebox, sorry FuseNG will not be it for you. You see over the past year my career has change drastically. I do not officially work on ColdFusion at work any longer and I never find myself in the situation where I am using Fusebox. I can not continue to develop a framework I don't use, it will stagnate. I hope someone else in Kroger will step up and take on Fusebox or revive the FuseNG fork, but that is up to the other individuals that originally looked to me for leadership of FuseNG. As much as I am sure some of you would like to leave feedback or comments I'd rather not open the potential for flames so comments are off. If you really must share your opinion feel free to email me.