Sunday, February 01, 2009

Speaking at cf.Objective()

Proclaimed to be the only Enterprise level conference for ColdFusion cf.Objective has really stepped it up a notch this year. I am not just saying that because I am speaking there this year I am genuinely impressed by the line-up. The schedule for the conference is amazing, it really does have some awesome presentations that many would consider Enterprise Level (Glassfish, Salesforce integration, BlazeDS integration the list goes on). This will truly be a standout year for cf.Objective(). What am I presenting on? Fusebox, or TDD? nah not for cf.Objective (besides Marc Esher has a sweet TDD preso for the conference). This year I committed to learning more about something for my enterprise level presentations. Don't get me wrong I think I could have given a great presentation on Fusebox, honestly I would kind of like to do a Fusebox BOF, but I really wanted this conference to be an opportunity for me to grow personally and present something fresh and exciting, CFML portlets. So many enterprises have or are moving to portal servers, be it Websphere, Jboss or something else and I have seen a lack of discussion about CFML being relevant in portal solutions. That's not to say it is not happening in the community just seems to be happening quietly. In addition to talking about something fresh for me I get the opportunity to present on something not so new but very close to me and that is Code Reviews and Mentoring.