Thursday, June 25, 2009

Railo on SVN and Team Project Sets

Finally! You can now build Railo of SVN. Unfortunately the architecture of Railo begs for some simplification but that's beside the point really I suppose. Sean Corfield has posted some directions. The directions are pretty easy to follow but thanks to Railo's architecture it requires the setup of multiple projects in eclipse, which while not over complicated it is slightly annoying. To help out the enthusiastic folks I figure I'd take this opportunity to introduce everyone to Team Project Sets in Eclipse. Team Project Sets in Eclipse make it easier to setup multiple projects and share that information with team mates or others. Whilst it does not setup as much as I'd like it does get all the projects setup and connected to SVN with a simple import. I've put a Team Project file up on my drop box account here. To use this simply download the PSF, then in Eclipse select File->Import->Team->Team Project Set. Once you import this file Eclipse will get to work connecting to SVN and downloading all the source. The only difference from Sean's directions is I placed the dependent jar's in an Eclipse project Railo-libs (which will allow for easier updates later) so when you re-add the Jars to the build path just select Add Jars instead of Add External Jars.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Code Review and Mentoring

I've had quite a few people ask about the presentation slides for my Code Review and Mentoring presentation at cfObjective. I've been intending to post them for a while and I keep getting distracted. I think this is one of my more enjoyable topics. I feel like sometimes technical how-tos are hard to cover in under an hour but Code Reviews and mentoring you can get a good bit of ideas across in an hour. I did not get to go on my Scrum rant this time but 50 minutes is 50 minutes. Thanks to all that attended and my appologies on the delay in my slides.