Saturday, August 18, 2007

Its been a while! For the past year I have been knee deep in my company's Learning Management System, which has been running on ColdFusion 5 so my chances to do anything remotely interesting were limited to my evenings, and when I finally got the LMS partially onto CF7 (long story). I am now on the path to transitioning into a new role in my company as a Software Architect (mostly focused on ColdFusion). This should give me more opportunities to play/experiment with new concepts. Here's a list of things I plan to be playing with in the not too distant future:
  • Integration with Maven
    • I found Maxim's blog entries about Maven here. They've been helpful and I'm curious if anyone else has used Maven with any success?
  • Static Analysis
    • I've found CodeCop From Steve Bryant and I am having mild success with that so far. I'd love to port it over to an AIR application and use JS as the main brain to I can hack the reliance on ColdFusion.
  • Code Coverage
    • Who wants to help provide this to a growing maturing community? I know I would love to work on it in all that spare time I have ;)
That's the list I have of things I plan on playing with the rest of this year. In addition to that I started then stopped an initiative with a couple of friends to launch a new website (cfInnovate). We're restructuring and planning a little more then trying again, so keep and eye out for that. Finally I've been playing with integrating Spring with ColdFusion, not to wire together my ColdFusion apps with it but using it to leverage some Java components in our CF applications. Most notably we are leveraging ACEGI as the middle man between our applications and our single sing-on solution.