Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disc Golf Anyone

As I mentioned previously I'll be speaking at cf.Objective this year and I finally booked my tickets and hotel. One of the things I love about cf.Objective is the location; Minneapolis/St. Paul has tons, I mean TONS, of Disc Golf courses. Not to mention the second most kick ass Disc Golf Shop in the US (the first is local here in Cincinnati). Any rate I love it so much I am showing up a day and a half early to go out golfing a few times. I'll be flying in on the 12th and flying out on the 17th. My hope is to get 1 or 2 courses in on the 12th and likewise on the 13th, and if I am lucky (and not too wiped out from the conference) I might sneak a course in on the 16th. If anyone in the area has suggestions for a course let me know, and if anyone is interested in going out let me know. If you've never disc golfed before and are interested come along I have plenty of discs for first timers. It's always fun to watch TSA inspect my bag of discs (they are hard enough plastic to register on the x-ray and they always ask me). Can't wait for cf.Objective!