Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Speaking @ Mid-Michigan CFUG

It's my pleasure to announce the first of what I hope to be many Open BlueDragon presentations I will be doing for local CF user groups. Rick contacted me a short while backing asking about a presentation and I happily accepted. I was originally (shortly after OpenBD's launch) a little hesitant to do this due to the negative stigma around OpenBD. I think much of that has past plus Railo seemed to be welcomed at UG and I'd like to expect the same courtesy for OpenBD. If your user group has an interest in OpenBD please feel free to contact me, a.haskell on Google's email service. For my limited Fusebox readership that are PHP users if you have a user group I'd love to get an opportunity to show you an open source alternative to PHP. OpenBD might serve you well with some customers that have CFML in house already (not to mention you can still use FB on it!). CFML is an incredibly powerful language and OpenBD gives you a great free alternative. I'll be presenting OpenBD to the Mid-Michigan CFUG on Nov. 11 @ 7pm.