Monday, September 08, 2008

Fusebox 5.5 Documentation

I know a lot of folks have asked for more documentation for Fusebox 5.5. This morning it occurred to me that maybe, like myself at one point many months ago, folks are not aware of Sean's excellent release notes. I have to say Sean did a great job with his release notes for 5.5 and 5.5.1 (missing). These 2 PDFs that may not be indexed by google which may be why not many people are aware if them. I will try to get some of this content copied out and into the wiki over the upcoming weeks but if you have not read these docs please do so. I really think they do a good job covering Fusebox 5.5 functionality. Also please remember Jeff has now released a new book for Fusebox!

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Tony G said...

I was one of those who asked for more docs. Although I was aware of Sean's release notes, those are definitely "what's new" documents for those having experience with earlier versions. There's nothing on the FB site for those of us who know zero about FB and want to learn version 5.5 (the tutorials page on the FB site have links for versions 2,3 and 4). I have recently found out about the book you mentioned by Jeff Peters and will probably check that out