Friday, July 30, 2010

BFusion Bound/I'm bbbaaccckkkk

If you've not noticed a blog post from me since January that's because I haven't blogged ;) Life has been busy and most of my time has been spent on things I can't just go blogging about. Besides the majority of the work is not CF related and most of the folks out there would not find much interest in it. That being said I am ecstatic to announce I'll be teaming with Matt Woodward to provide a complete day of sessions/training at BFusion concentrating on Open Source CFML. BFusion is one of those conferences that has an awesome mix of CFML and non CFML folks. Many of them college students that like PHP or some other cool open source completely free (all the time) web language. This is a great audience for Open BlueDragon and I love showing them how awesome the CF world is. I'm sad I missed CFUnited, and cf.Objective for that matter, this year but it just was not in the cards. I'll definitely be as BFusion and with luck I'll be at CF Open Summit as well. Maybe dust off my CFML portlets stuff and show you how we are using it at Kroger, hint: if you work for Kroger in a store you've seen it and probably never knew it was CF powered.

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