Thursday, August 13, 2009

FuseNG Announced

I have a quick, and I mean quick, moment to post something exciting and sad to my blog. The creation of a new framework is official, the name: FuseNG. FuseNG (think, Fusebox Next Generation) is the official name of the fork from Fusebox 5.5.1. I can't say it was a rough decision to make. I wish I could say otherwise in a sense but it was just so depressing seeing where we were as a community as Fusebox I felt I had no choice. On the other hand I am lucky enough to have a great community behind me; that was really empowering for me and helped make the decision to fork extraordinarily simple.

I chose FuseNG as the name for a couple of reasons:
  1. Suggestions like Fork a doodle doo, while very entertaining (the first 500 times it was suggested to my by someone), do not represent what I want people to remember about the framework.
  2. I am a tad bit on the uncreative side and most of the cool names with Cold or Box are taken :)
  3. I love Star Trek TNG so doing anything that resembles one of my favorite television series is cool
  4. I feel that it reinforces a core value: FuseNG is not intended to alienate the Fusebox community with the fork. It really is about pushing the framework forward into the Next Generation of the framework. A bit of a history lesson Fusebox almost became FuseNG one other time interestingly enough I was told this after I chose the name without prior knowledge.
I will remain active on the Fusebox forums and websites, I think it is important that Fusebox exists in some capacity to provide those that may not know about our new endeavours a starting point to learning about frameworks, MVC and code generation. So with that I bid Teratech adieu.


Unknown said...

I think (and hope I'm correct) this will prove to be a good decision. Wishing you the best.

Unknown said...


Wish you good luck. Are you going to set up separate mailing list for FuseNG?

Unknown said...

Great news Adam.

Cant find your email, so I will post here.

I too would love to see better ways to contribute to Fusebox, I am no expert, but I have many years of real world experience building e-commerce applications with fusebox.

I would love to see a component plugin system/repository for Fusebox like jQuery has.

I know this poses problems, but it also provides a way for people to contribute simple things.

I know the core files are out of my league, but the addons, layouts, etc... don't have any real place to sandbox/dev in public.

Even just a dev group that is not geared towards general help, but towards development of add-ons/plugins.

thanks for your work!

Adam Haskell said...

I've started a google group but forgot to mention it, I'll most likely edit this entry to reflect that but until I get around to doing that:

@Kevin thanks for the feedback. Feel free to log an issue in Jira if you have not so others can vote on it. I feel like I may have already completed something similar to your request, but I have not formalized it yet. I have to get back into the swing of things coding wise before I talk intelligently about that enhancement much ;)

Anonymous said...

glad to see you finally made the plunge and forked off (sorry, couldn't resist).

Here's some quick observations, since this path has been trod so frequently in Fusebox's past:

1) you yourself note that you were gonna update the early-August thread but then forgot. And then you were gonna tell folks about the Google group and then, oops, forgot. All quite human, but also (IMHO) a sample of what is to come on such projects. The best predictor of the future is the past.

2) you say you're going to remain active in the Fusebox world. I'd have to ask "why?" You just left that world and with a massive slap in the face -- why would you want to hang out in that world, except to use it as a platform to get to people to promote star trek, oops, I mean, fuseng the next generation. I know you have good intentions but the simple fact of the matter is you're now about to discover the actual value of the fusebox world which is the name Fusebox. Without Fusebox's name recognition and online assets, such as they are, you have no way to get in front of any potential "customers" of fuseng.

heck, you even managed to get Hal Helms commenting on your tactics on his blog; that's no small feat

I think you're a smart guy and all, but I predict fuseng will have exactly the same shelflife as all the other "let's start a revolution!" emotional trips that fusebox has experienced -- within 4-5 months this now fire will be a smoldering ember.

Like I said in the other thread several weeks ago, Fusebox is dead because ColdFusion is dying. All the best people have already left long ago and now it's down to those who aren't capable of easily going anywhere else. Of sure, there are a lot of places that will need CF support for a number of years to come -- but fewer and fewer first version of apps are getting done in CF with each passing year. Get yourself cross-trained in something else.

Adam Haskell said...

@Anonymous Couple if things to note. I've updated the wiki with all the information, so yes this is a sign of what will happen, and updated wiki with up-to-date information.

I'll stay active with Fusebox's community to help the community out, and until Fusebox is active I will point them in the direction of the active framework. If they don't want to use it or don't need it that's fine too. Many people think Fusebox 5 is mature and not in need of updates, that's cool.

As for ColdFusion dying, which I ignored the first time you posted, you are entitled to your opinion. I think the community is growing and maturing. I've enjoyed participating in the community for year and will continue to enjoy the community for years to come.

Jordan said...

Sorry I missed what's going on with Fusebox this year. Why has Fusebox been forked to FuseNG? What are the core differences between the frameworks? Is there an article online that explains what's happened?

Jordan said...

(forgot to hit email follow up...)

Dom said...

Bravo Adam! Best of luck with it :)