Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fusebox Update

As of a little before the posting of this blog has moved onto a new set of tools to communicate with the community, will begin redirecting shortly. Firstly, and one I am very excited about, is the move over to our new Confluence wiki. Confluence is a very powerful wiki with an amazingly easy GUI to edit entries. My hope is that this increase in ease of use over trac helps the community provide more documentation, as it seems like this has always been sore spot in Fusebox. I also found there was some pretty good documentation already on the wiki it was just hidden, hopefully the (complete, and auto updating) Tree view on the left will help expose that wonderful documentation that has been hiding. I've still got work to do to improve the wiki but I felt that since all the (known/important) content has been transferred it's time for the new wiki to launch. Feel free to check it out (and bookmark it!):

Second up, and admittedly not as smooth a transition, is Jira. I've worked with Jira for a long time at my work and I enjoy the product, though I will say I enjoy using it a lot more than setting it up. I think there are areas to improve in getting the Jira site really humming but I do feel like I've made it far enough. Tickets can now be create anonymously, as can comments, I am still working on all the spam filter stuff though. I have made an attempted to transfer all outstanding tickets that may warrant attention over to the new Jira system. Unfortunately there was no good tool to transfer from Trac to Jira so I might be missing content. You can find those tickets in a different project. If you have a ticket you want priority that is in the Old Fusebox Project I strongly suggest recreating it or sending me a note to move it (I'll be more than happy to move it). The new ticketing system can be found here:

SVN browsing is lagging behind but I do plan to stand up fisheye and I will be taking over the SVN repo in a short while. I want to thank Simeon for hosting Fusebox for such a long time, he's dedication to Open Source is really awesome. I felt it was time to take responsibility myself, I hope everyone enjoys the new tools as much as I do. I always interested in feedback, positive or constructive.

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