Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pulse2 now with mxUnit

In the past I've blogged about Pulse2 and I have to say it really has grown on me over the previous month or so that I have been using it. I've decided the $6/month is worth the investment as it does save me time and hassle as well as preconfiguring some of the "extra" plug-ins. On the free side though Pulse2's catalog has grown and that includes listening to my previous post and adding mxUnit for all the CFML developers out there! Finally, with this plug-in added I have posted a public profile for anyone that wants to give eclipse a try but have been intimidated by eclipse setup. Check out Pulse2 and use my public profile. Everything you'll want is packaged in there (add Aptana with a freelance account for an ever better development experience). Pulse2 is an awesome tool and something I definitely plan to demo very briefly in my Be Lazy, Use Ant session at cfdevcon. Don't wait for me to demo it though it is dog simple check it out today:
Check out Pulse

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jeckels said...


Thanks for the entry on Pulse. We're certainly glad you are finding it to be of value.

I see you are planning on demoing Pulse at CFDevcon. As we have had some positive feedback from CF developers, please let us know if there is any way we can help promote your demo or draw attention to your talk. We're happy to help.

Drop me a line at Jens AT and we'll chat.

Pulse team