Thursday, December 20, 2007

Enterprise ColdFusion

I am entirely too obsessed with work and as a result I tend to only get to read the House of Fusion lists sporadically at best. I was reading it today and a topic crossed my eye that I had to check out "JREE Servers (was Session Management - sticky sessions)." Brad posed the question, how many people out there use something other than JRUN, or even multi-instance JRUN. I've often wondered this myself. In our Enterprise we've been running ColdFusion on JBoss for 2+ years now, we ran in CF7 unsupported. Over the course of the next few months I'm going to try harder to post some of our experiences with ColdFusion and Websphere. I'm also going to push one of my peers, Bob one of our Technical Leads, to start posting too. Bob has had a wealth of experience getting things up and running and has taught me a thing or 2 about connecting all the different pieces/parts together. Anyway, reply to the list or reply here but let everyone know, are you running ColdFusion on something other than JRUN?

Here's a quick rundown of our setup:
2 Different environments.

Environment 1: IHS, Jboss (4.2.1), mix of CF8 and CF7, AIX Servers with IBM 1.4
I do not have all the specifics on this environment b/c my involvement with it was limited. It runs half a dozen or so ColdFusion deploys concurrently. I am pretty sure it is load balanced across 2 servers.

Environment 2: IHS, Websphere (6.1), CF8, all sitting behind an F5 running on AIX.
This environment is a set of decked out P5 series IBM servers, 16 processors 100gig of ram. The processors are split up into 60 logical partitions with 40ish partitions dedicated to running 1-4 deploys of ColdFusion.
Our CMS on this cluster during peak AM hours supports about 10-15k sessions with peak around 60 simultaneous requests. Our LMS (my old system) once moved onto this cluster will serve about 5000 courses/hour during peak hours, push about 200 gigs of content/hour and process an average of 60 requests/second.

Some systems or libraries of interest we use/interact with: ACEGI, webMethods (well its in the works), IBM MQ series, Connect Direct, BMC's Enterprise Security Station (ESS), Lectora, Apollo, just about any database you can chuck at a system (for the search engines that includes Derby, Oracle, DB2, DB2 mainframe, MS SQL, MySQL, probably sadly Access).

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